Reck N Rack - Net Mate
Reck N Rack - Net Mate
Reck N Rack - Net Mate
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Reck N Rack - Net Mate

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A MUST-HAVE tool for any Angler! The Net Mate provides the Angler another set of hands to securely hold your net while you safely release the fish to live another fight. No need to worry about the net falling into the lake or stumbling over it because there is just no good spot in the boat to store it during the fish release process. Below are the features of this highly anticipated product for 2024:



-Components made of 6061 aluminum paired with stainless steel hardware

-Parts are plated to add wear/tear resistance and lubricity which allow the mating parts to easily glide against each other eliminating any friction or gulling

-Thumb screws are included to easily slide the net bracket up-n-down the net pole. This benefits anglers that have a telescopic pole and want to be able to easily store their net without any additional tools or hardware

-V groove on the net bracket allows more points of contacts with your net pole to give you more of a bite when tightened

-Add an extra pin to your net bracket and now you’re able to store the Net Mate no matter which way you grab your net, up-or-down. When anglers are under pressure to grab the net, there are times where you don’t pay attention on how you grab the net which could impact the use of the net bracket. With additional hardware that will no longer be an issue

-In the stored position you’re able to rotate your Net Mate to bring the fish within arm’s reach

-Low profile design

-Attaches to almost any boat bracket system

-Rail mount boat owners ~ We’ve redesigned a completely new rail bracket that allows the angler to store the net mate ANYWHERE on your rail

-Locking Technology that eliminates the need for a free hand or any additional tools or hardware to secure your net on the Net Mate


What's Included & How-To Order (see photos for an image of each part):

-(1) Boat Receiver; additional receivers will not be available at pre-order

     -If you drill into your boat, this setup won't require any additional brackets. You would drill (2) 1/4" holes & attach w/ (2) 1/4"-20 screw &           lock nut (sold separately).

     -If you don't plan to drill into your boat, you will need a boat bracket that matches the set up on your boat to affix this too. (Traxstech, rail, Lund, Crestliner etc.- sold separately by most major retailers, otherwise can be purchased through us as an add on at checkout).

-If you already own a boat bracket you can mount the boat receiver to it by simply drilling (2) 1/4" holes into the boat bracket and tightening with (2) 1/4"-20 screws (sold separately).

-(1) Net Bracket

-(2) 10-24 x 2-1/2" Thumb Screws; easily adjust the Net Bracket to allow the angler to stow their telescopic net (angler can cut screw to size, if needed)

-(1) Pin to stow the net bracket to the boat receiver


Additional Options:

-Add another pin to your net bracket; This allows you to grab the net in either the up-or-down position to attach the net bracket to the boat receiver. (NOTE...The thumb screws will not be able to be utilized with this setup. Flat head screws will be included) 

-Additional Boat Receiver; not available at pre-order

-Add boat bracket; Feel free to attach the Net Mate to an already owned boat bracket. ***The angler made need to drill holes into their already owned boat bracket to attach the Net Mate***